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Public Procurement Notice (PPN) 06/21
Taking Account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the Procurement of Major Government Contracts

This notice requires all public bodies to apply the PPN to any contracts with a value over £5million per year from 30th September 2021.

Suppliers must:

  • Report scope 1, 2 and some of 3 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Commit to being net zero by 2045
  • Produce a carbon reduction plan (CRP)
  • Publish Emissions and CRP on the company website
  • Detail environmental management measures to be applied in the performance of the contract in the CRP

The UK target is to reach net zero by 2050 and the NHS by 2045

We provide a simple, cost effective and compliant solution to help you win more business from the public sector.

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  1. Input

    Load Data
  2. Calculate

    Calculate Carbon Emissions
  3. Comply

    Demonstrate Compliance
  4. Succeed

    Grow Your Business

How it works

  1. Image of a report accompanied by a pencil

    Input Data

    • Capture your carbon generating activities
    • Record packaging and single use plastics
    • Evidence Carbon Offsetting
  2. Image of a calculator

    Calculate Carbon

    • Simple step by step approach
    • Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 Carbon emissions
    • Calculate in line with latest guidance
  3. Image of a rubber stamp containing the word approved

    Achieve Compliance

    • Create an action plan
    • Demonstrate commitment to Net Zero
    • Download report for Public Sector tenders


An image of a micro sized building

Micro Enterprise

1–9 Employees
£30 pm plus VAT

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Small Enterprise

10–49 Employees
£40 pm plus VAT

An image of a medium sized building

Medium Enterprise

50–249 Employees
£60 pm plus VAT

An image of a large sized building

Large Enterprise

250+ Employees
£105 pm plus VAT

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